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CJ - 320 double resonance

CJ - 320 double resonance

One. Small size: coaxial transformer saves 80% more space than traditional transformer.

2. Light weight: coaxial transformers save more than 75 percent more weight than traditional transformers.

Three. High waterproofing: unique waterproofing technology and materials make coaxial transformer not afraid of water, weak acid, weak base.

Four. High temperature resistance: high performance insulation material, the maximum allowable 180 degrees can be allowed to work properly using the bad environment.

Five. High efficiency: as a third generation transformer, extremely high coupling coefficient, extremely low loss, with less electricity.

Six. High quality: unique technology and technology have reached the international advanced level, which can reach the European and American EMC, EMI and IEC standards, with small leakage and high coupling.

Seven. More safety: the primary tail sleeve and the protection line are insulated from the primary high pressure end to prevent accidental electric shock. The operation is safer. Eight. Less water: relatively less traditional transformer waterway, compact, high precision, portable, and better heat dissipation.

Nine. Automation: clever coaxial transformer is more suitable for high automation environment.

Ten. High precision: exquisite volume, lightweight weight, reduce the proportion of quenching machine, reduce the weight of the mechanical arm.

11. Anti-interference: the coaxial transformer winding coil transformer ring shell has no interference to the outside world.

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